The Dragon Cometh

Satanic Serenades

...And the girl was tied unto the marble pillar, where blood hath crusted upon the chains, & the rocks were coloured erubescent by those who had been before. With a horror she realized her fate, as the sounds crept up from the vast deep. And the words were spoken, the summoning was complete, & now, all that was left was the terrible truth that was to come.....

And there it was, a looming shadow spechtrous, taking up the whole of the sky. Her resisitance was futile, she became subserviant to the massive force, willingly convulsing in ecstatic rapport. An embrace now, fear turned to pleasure, but not altogether gone, which drove her ever higher. And then shadow blended into night, behold, they were gone from site!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Draconian / Lovecraftian excerpt from a novel I Am composing.

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this poem
is one
of my favorites
to read :*) .