Visions From Leviathans Grotto

Satanic Serenades

What faire sight do I see

'Neath the waves looking at Me

Of skin so pale, hair so black

Eyes as deep as the Abyssal sea

An image formed from Leviathan's tide

A dream ascending unto My side

Outstretched, her arms, the beckoning maid

A smile pursed lovingly from the wade

A gift the waters have bestowed

From the fortune that now flows

And all of Nature arise the tune

Beneath the glowing of the moon

My life anew, My Life complete

Reborn unto Her bewitching greet

The waves speak softly of Her name

My Soul swoons to this music's fate

And on the breeze, as spray, as drizzle

I hear the words of enchantment's kindle.........

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Leviathan represents the element of Water, & passionate emotion. A Necromantic Abyssal ponderation which is an Evocation of one so Hauntingly fair.

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great poem i must say