belief system

Fat cats soon

in humanity boon

will be slimmer

financially unfitter


money soon dying

if lots: Frightening

if have none

won't be glum


level playing field

in-equality to heal

this belief system

soon ultimate freedom


as we graduate

loving without hate

all going together

have a long tether?


Experience pure joy

like playing with toys

infinate loving; understood?

In everyones neighbourhood


fat cats worship

money, entrepreneurship

built to last?

Having a laugh


love only thing

lasts; never ending

printed money: Joke

as political votes


whole system crashing

spiritual understanding

will get you

these times through


giving your energy

double jeopardy

to man made

a self down-grade


cash going soon

hyperinflation too

its just robbery


they can't steal



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Ode to fat cats:



What a great poem loved evey sentence the one most poignant "never ending printed money". If the rich do not have enough money just print more money, if the poor have not enough money they can do with out, Oh for a reversal of these arrangements. Yes I think recession looms too.

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thanks for your sentiments, glad you like it

you see we have had the neolithic age, bronze, iron, industrial ages..... believe it or not we are now in the golden age.... its true this explains more