My ode to Aberdeen Police & scotlands first minister

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Hello Aberdeen Police/Scotlands First Minister(delete as appropriate)
How do you do?
Just had to write a poem to you
Watched ‘you’v been trumped the other day
Which caused me much dismay
You ought to hang your head in shame
Innocent people your driving insane

Taking your orders from a man who
Has his own plane and will sue
Anyone who gets in the way of him
The way he bullies a cardinal sin
Dont forget his bad hairpiece
And probably plastic surgery

Your doing a grand job for trump
Though the locals are well out of luck
Piling topsoil to spoil the view
Of locals properties, but for who?
Some of those places could look real nice
Lick of paint would make them entice

If any developer in this land
Tried to get the same planning permission
Would be laughed out of town
But Trump blinded you with a golden cow
Though when you scratch the surface you see
A demolished SSSI definately

And don’t give me the investment arguement
That this development was heaven sent
The houses will make him a handsome profit
Though i really think you ought to stop it
The development and bullying of locals
Trump’s got you blinded by dollar bifocals

A disgrace what he has done already
Though i’v only seen it on the telly
Cutting the locals water off too
If it was me, air would be blue
Your letting your people down badly
And sold out for dollar bills sadly

Just sorry that beautiful stretch of coast
Is now well and truly toast
Mr Trump must have awful karma
Pretending to be Scotlands Santa
But re-arrange the letters in that name
Satan’s more apt for the insane

Chubby cheeked yank, dug up your coast
God will have the last laugh i propose
Do you honestly think that Donald Trump
At heavens gates, will have any luck?
Checks and balances for all his sin
Raping your coastline, no way he’s getting in

Hang your head in shame all of you
Favouring Donald Trump instead of the view
Don’t know why you rely on the USA
North America’s a spent force anyway
This is Why Donalds investing in Aberdeen
So lots of his cash cannot be seen
So when America gets real short
All cash going the way of it’s government(not me saying that, some
dude on RT the other day)

That’s all from me, for the time at least
Just wish i’d come up and seen
That amazing coastline before it was flattened
And my hat’s off for the locals being battered
By someone who has bought your city
Your MP’s, police; all and Trump i take pity
Treating people like they are scum
Lacking a concious; like father like son

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I don't think that money is the only voice that should be heard on such matters, or for that fact on all matters. Trump sounds like a dictator rather than participating in debate in a democratic country. I like your poetry and its portrayal.