Stormy Lovegrove was our dad

provided all our launching pads

to propel us into this world

amazing family all unfurled

grounded in pure love and truth

Stormy was a fountain of youth


we loved him for his smile

that graced us all the while

in a world constantly changing

his selflessness was amazing

an athlete till his seventies

all sport was indeed his speciality


with a vicious competitive streak

he always turned up the heat

swimming, snooker, table tennis

not loosing was his premise

made all the grand kids winners

his genes will keep them slimmer


more than that, an entertainer

and really never a complainer

he would always get stuck in

providing his brand of thinking

made a mark on all he met

such a man you wouldn’t forget


in cabaret, or on a cruise

diving into the pool impromptu

leaving indelible marks on all

any opportunity to have a ball

and had such grace in later life

was a joy to be by his side


would always go with the flow

if circumstances demanded it so

never any trouble whatsoever

supportive in any endeavour

especially if a worthy cause

sometimes he was Santa Clause


Aside from some amazing parody

He couldn't see bad in anybody

to have 'stormy' as a friend

would undoubtedly transcend

any darkside you might have

of his friendship, many so glad


and you are all here today

you are all a living testimony

Stormy's love, passion, no fear

to all he met, stormy endeared

etched his name on your heart

his creation was a work of art

an amazing life; completely

but if you asked him



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