We all got Facebook Friends




We all got facebook friends

long lists without an end

writing on walls, messages

pc n phones; supping beverages

but the generation before

true friendship, knew the score


no walls to write on days

you had no choice but gaze

into the eyes of those

in your company you chose

easier to judge your company

idiots would stick out completely


and those you trusted with

life, love, energy, all of it

allowed them through your door

to write on your souls wall

and if you let my dad in

he would not stop scribbling


If you interacted with dad

he always made you glad

always helped when he could

whatever your neighbourhood

also always full of love

plucking heart strings; so proud of


friendship then, so much deeper

social interaction so much sweeter

give undesirables a wide berth

more solid friendships given birth

more local friend bases too

built with love, compassion, truth


constructed with things in common

forming a solid foundation

to shape lasting friendships too

bound with a strong emotional glue

not present in social networking

face to face friendship abandoning


lot to answer for, modern technology 

tho easy to spread yourself too thinly

easy to talk across the globe

the joys of skyping don’t you know

not the same as personal interaction

gives the soul ultimate satisfaction

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