my ode to cardiff entitled 'green shield stamps'


Walking through Cardiff Centre today

Took me back to yesterdays

When the city screamed provincial

And the shopping distinctly local

Now the same shops lined neat

On most of Britains high streets


The shape of this city has changed

Much different to yesterdays

The dace of 70’s facades

David Morgans, Jacobs Bazaar


green shield stamps; remember you?

Spillers records; vinyl too

The old central library

And the shops, much more variety


The only places to get late food

Caroline street, the Taurus too

Everywhere else shut early

A lack of late bars especially


We have Jamies Italian now

The people of Cardiff, Stirling pound

Most worship instead of god

Reflected in bigger parking lots


I couldn’t help but harp back

To the days of the top rank

And dodgy clubs on Charles Street

The only late hostilerys


When St Davids opened its doors

People of Cardiff; bowled over

Now we are truly spoilt for choice

That’s if you hear materialism’s voice


Not forgetting down the bay too

Was windswept, dark with prostitutes

Nothing going on there at all

Little boats stuck in the mud of the channel


The Arms Park changed it’s name

Direction too, into feng shui

Ask yourself is this progress?

This city’s changed, stood the test?


Of time or letting you down

Are you happy or wear a frown


In the days of the Top Rank

Yes everyone still got tanked

But can’t remember much fighting at all

Now I’m told can be mental


Busses are better, access too

I’m sure lots of things to help you

Do you remember green shield stamps?

On the Hayes, were they better days?

My jury is out today.

For everything, always a price to pay


Author's Notes/Comments: 

just wrote this after a trip to Cardiff City Centre

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