Tried True Tested with that look on your face.. Thanks, but i can hold my own breath, you dont need the pillow case.

i woke up today not knowing where i was,
and this is a good thing.


Cause even a wasted night feels better than a night of missed opportunity
and second guessing.
I'm beginning to have flashbacks.
The kind you have *just* when you thought
all of your (emotional) problems had been resolved.
This is a good time to ask if you believe in God
cause it takes a miracle
to fix
what is fucking unfixable.


A couple of my favorite things
open wounds and heavy breathing.
oh - and instant gratification..
i need you to hold still now
i'm about to make all three happen.
and the sky is grey and fluid
spattering the window panes as
i watch you suffer through it..
Ohhh the simple things...
Each day is filled with them.
I am devoured by them.
I am obsessed with their complexities. .
low self esteem
napoleon complex
four ways to help explain
why you're such a shitty human being.

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What A Title!

Loved the movement from item to item to insight to it3m Nice construction, I love lists that R well executed and felt with lines that kick you in the teeth and grin - like that - B - Stella