Sunrise Breakfast

sunnyside up eggs

garlic rice and green mangos

golden fried bangus

feels like an orange sunrise

on a sandy beach

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Bangus is boneless milkfish marinated in vinegar with garlic, hot pepper, red onions, salt, and pepper. It is served with caramelized garlic in fried rice with a runny egg on top and thinly slices green mangos and red onions. 

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Green Mangos!

Yuuuummmm! :D



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Thank you, 

Thank you, 

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Partook of your country's deliciou food when I visited several times in 1968-1969.  Stephen

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Foody Culture is becoming

Foody Culture is becoming more and more popular here. :-)

It is more Fusion Cuisine now, but the originals are still here.