Many Moons

Many moons
Many moons and miles ago,
While in a foreign land.
I chanced one day a girl to meet,
And gently took her hand
She took my arm and walked with me,
Her eyes aglow her lips so sweet.
My senses were awash with her,
And my heart fell at her feet.
Just a lonley soldier boy,
So many miles from home.
At last i'd met my own true love,
Never more to be alone.
But fate has always tricks to play,
And this love was not to be.
Fate and life conspired one day,
Then stole that girl from me.
Since that day a lifetimes passed,
Always going at full speed.
Sometimes giving what i want,
But rarely what i need.
The fate that stole my  girl away,
Has always had it's will.
But no matter what it does today,
It knows i love her still.
DJB 2009
For Ursula Waschke

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saiom's picture

truly inspiring

I showed your very beautiful and loving poem to a friend

who was also stationed in germany and had a similar experience

thank you