I am an ethereal spirit

a fully conscious mind

destined to wander forever

through trackless space and time.


I was born at the very first

when I saw the light

as the swirling black hole burst

into the ebon night.


I have since lived lives galore

dwelt in flesh and in bone

known sweet peace and bitter war

was loved and was left alone.


But now I sense my time has come

a fate I can't avoid

poised above vortex'es hum

gazing into the void.


As my time winds down to nil

I look back at all my lives

death is just another thrill

and ever the spirit survives.


I resist the terrible taunting urge

to watch as time and space unbend

for I know that I'll emerge

as starlight out the other end.


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Because I am not good at the

Because I am not good at the ballad form, I applaud any Poet who is, and this is certainly a poem to applaud.  I admire the way you take the commonplace ballad form and put it to the service of metaphysics and cosmology, very deep concepts conveyed in such a melodic piece.  Had Plato written his ideas like this, instead of in the Dialogues, I might have stayed awake better in that class, forty-six years ago this month


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Thank you, Starward. 

Thank you, Starward. 

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You're welcome.  I think your

You're welcome.  I think your poem is a textbook example of how to write a viable, functional, and beautiful ballad.  And although, as I said earlier, I have no ability with the form, if I ever try one, I shall sure refer to your poem as a model.


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A thought-provoking poetic piece, for sure. It reminds me a little of that great song, "Highwayman" by supergroup The Highwaymen (Cash/Nelson/Kristofferson/Jennings). I enjoyed the read.