Where I'd like to be

Where I'd like to be

is floating on a brook

by softly shifting scenery

like pages in a book.


Where I'd like to be

is on a bend of blue

amid wind-woven greenery

mirror'd in river's hue.


Peaceful gentle calm

sigh of sweet serenity

sung softly as a psalm

at last, blissful tranquility.


I stand upon the shore

waiting for the rain

to feed the flow once more

soon I'll be there again.

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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

Me too! Me too!

Excellent description!! :D Makes me want to take the canoe out!

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An Actual Place

It sounds so real. Greenery, rain about to come,fill the brook, and float you away. Nice images. Like the song: "Sailing" takes me to where I'm going. Just a dream and a wind will carry me...soon I will be free. - Lady A -





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Such a beautiful journey much

Such a beautiful journey

much enjoyed your poem