All Alone

Pain in the soul

She's sitting at a table

All alone

Dressed so beautyful,

And all alone

She was ready for her big night, to be the Queen

And she's all alone

Ready for her King to come

To sweep her away in his arms

To dance and sing the night away

And she's all alone tonight

He said he'd meet her at eight,

But now it's twelve

It's not the first time love's left her

And she's all alone, only tonight

Back home she cries herself to sleep

And she's all alone, but only tonight

And with her razor she takes her life

And she's alone, but only for tonight.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based off of a true story

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saiom's picture

you describe the pain of

you describe the pain of abandonment...

hope you change it to a happy ending

because thoughts have power