I am the bard

I am the Bard

Weaver of the tales

Setting the mood

Around the fire

I can change your ways

Scare you to the end

Keep you in suspence

Shade the light

I am the Bard

The farmer of lies

Planting the seed of a suspition in your mind

Growing it each time

You listen to me

I travel the times

Never settling

The Bard to you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Can anyone explane this to me?  I woke up and just wrote this down in like 30 seconds

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I am the bard


Bards used to travel widely with their story telling. Some people have the talent to travel the world in their poems, and by tackling different subjects, which you summed up very well. I like your poem very much. Maybe you compossed the poem in your sleep.