Pen Tattoo

When I was in the 5th grade I was playing on the playground

With my best friends just runnin around

 When a pretty little girl came up to me with a pen

And then said

Hey.  You wanna tattoo?

And I asked why?

And she said it was cools I shrugged and asked of what

And she said what do you want

I don’t know just give me something pretty

So she gave me a heart <3

So pretty and red

And when she shot with an arrow it went straight to my head

And I was like well she’s so pretty and nice

So as she drew that little red heart on my arm

And shot it with an arrow that was just a little too long

I found my first crush.

But it didn’t last long, cause in a week she thought it was gone

Cause it wasn’t showing up in my arm,

But it was still there she just couldn’t see it

Cause it’s pen and pen fades away

But in my head is where it will stay

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have been listening to a lot of slam poems lately and been trying them out for the first time in a few years.  Not one, just based off of slam poems


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Pen fades away

I love this piece ♥

Let your teeth show

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Thank you

Thank you very much!

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5th Grader's Rap

It is what a young lad would think and it is refreshing - Lady A  :D


Lady A

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Thank you lady A

Thank you lady A