Pain in the soul

Imagine the lust to

Tear down the world

With naught but your bloody hands.

Leave only a wake of destruction

As you walk away from the only Hell you know.

Imagine the craving to

Slash away your hate

To bleed out your pain in crimson rivers.

And let the darkness be poisoned

By the light in your perverse smile.

Imagine the emptiness to

Craft walls of Humor from the bones of Loss

Cut lines of Joy from feelings of Death

And never let the world see the rage imbedded in all.

Imagine that.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Feeling gloomy

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Finding the bright side, maybe?

"By the light in your perverse smile"

I loved this line, and the poem as a whole. Great work! <3

Let your teeth show

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Thank you!  

Thank you!


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Gloom Irradication Technique

Its hormonal. and unavoidable. Sing. It helps. Or write a good rant poem - I'm about due for one, Frown allets


Lady A


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I do

Oh trust me, I sing.  And this was kind of a rant poem.  I hope it all gets better for you!