Conquered Struggle


Awake me up from the coffin
I shall not sleep in
Encouraged to enjoy a life unbroken
Fighting the habits that battle against me

Decision approved struggled a clear mind
Silencing the urges fought down inside
Need no gum, no patch, just a habit flying by
Knowing an urge is gone to die

Conquer my impatience
Releasing positive
Dwelling will not succeed
In a dark shallow hole I will not plunder

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ditching a habit. In this case, was Smoking. And I've successfully battled it with flying colors.

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I quite in 1995 or there abouts - hard sugar is my new war against horrible and too early a death - be well, I say. Be well ~~A



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Thank you very much! My habit

Thank you very much! My habit has been quiet for a while.

~*~ [ Blessed Be ] ~*~