at one time I dream't of more than the limits I now live within

at one time I dream't of more than the limits I now live within
within the glow of this nicotine infused haze I smoked away the night to recount the day and mourned the lost souls I've known
I've taken the high road and traveled the low road... ended up alone with no hope of the love I've lost along the way to ever return
do not try to understand the thoughts caught meandering through
this melancholy misfits mind and ignore the the exit sign above the door that illuminates like a promise but opens into same familiar world of darkness it always does
I watch gentle moments shared between young lovers an wish them well
If there was a way to translate the amazing feelings I've felt into words you could read
oh the beauty I could paint if words were just colors
the sadness you could hear from my heart as fingers slide across a six string guitar
the war within my soul has taken its toll
as I battle my own sins
expecting no retribution or salvation
if there was a god or gods they walked out on us long ago
there's a higher force at work out there
I'm trying to believe in good again not because of any particular revelation more like just the idea of believing enough in something
to piss someone off
at one time I dream't of more than the limits I now live within

~ D Donner ~
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What if existence is just a mistake or a quirk of mischance events that created us, deposited us on a volcanic planet and said: "Good luck, gotta go." What if the abilities we possess from touch to intuiting are flukes of natural phenomena only and there is no god, just material existence? When death comes, I won't personify her, I'll go the way I came, kicking and screaming in an undignified posture. Ah, the wonder of a world that still owns so much of its fascination. - allets -