a distant memory drowned in whiskey and distant time

a distant memory
drowned in whiskey and distant time 
but I'll be damned if it will die
society has made a generation that see's
love as just a way to pass time in the name of fun
the problem being there is no more

self respect for self or others

oh but just one name clouds my mind 
just one name on a list of a million of that same name
but I only want her
caught between two worlds 
the one you wanted 
the happily ever after
the one I tried so desperately t
o achive 

but for a warriors pride 

we are born into grace-bound by innocence
and then we fall from haven
by default or denial
hitting the ground in stone cold in reverence
finding that you've become one of the fallen ones

the drudgery of the day to day fight's for lost causes
never knowing now days if I'm right 
If I crucified my heart would it stop the beast
from haunting me with her each night 
If I burnt my soul would it not die now instead 
oh so slowly each day
If I gouged out my eyes would I still see her 
could I not cry for a time 
could it then all go away 
would the peace replace pain 
would I feel life again
or would I like a million others be a slave locked and shackled in darkness

still hungry

still raw

still craving her 
or would I just start dying alone without a...memory

~ D Donner ~

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