you have to believe

I chased the sun so many times
only to be burned or left in the cold
dreams of yesterday have turned
to a silent shimmer of tears
that were once held back
you got to make breaks for living
you have to believe
forgetting about the other side of death

~ D Donner ~
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600 Writes

And going strong. About the poem: life rocks! :D



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600 ?

600 ?
Well I never saw that coming , When I first posted a few it was to prove to a hardheaded Friend that it was CRAP !.
There's days when I still think its Shit ! But I started hearing from people like SSmoothie , Beavis , running_with_rabbits and allets
along with many more...... suicideslug , Astral_Tides , sweetwater , XanderMitchell , ashes_twisted , Hopefulwoman , CKKmate , ToLoveLikeAphrodite
. KindredSpirit , AND bishu
you all had something to say good about it and I began to believe . More importantly I started taking bits and pieces of everyone's style and trying to incorporate in with mine but I found I had my own little niche I think Poe and Shakespeare are safe but I'm learning to trust what comes out of my head now and who knows ? believe this shit ! I failed English every year couldn't write legibly And Thank The Lord For Spell Check ....I'll continue to strive to be better for you all have been my teachers ...THANK YOU !



Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces