Haunting Childhood

I tried not to lose myself

To the monster that lurked within

But the battles just begun

And all that's left of me is sin

All the silent tears I've cried

Have just aided in my pain

I fear the worst has yet to come

And for that I am ashamed

I fear my life is over

For the monster's been set free

What was left of me has been taken

The darkness has consumed th best of me

My troubled past I've pushed aside

In attempt to keep contained

But I've lost all hope for I am the ghost

Of a tormented child filled with blame

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written 10/08/10. I have a lot of past memories from my childhood that have recently surfaced in the last couple years, and I felt the urge to write this poem in a way to kind of acknowledge what I'm currently going through.

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