Jack and Jill started on that hill

When Jack had complications

They set up camp and Jack took off for evil inspirations.

He took some coke and had some speed

His head was filled with naughty deeds

Paced back and forth,

With hate and greed.

His mind became quite mad.

Down he went and there was Jill

She looked so hot, it’s almost ill

And Jack became quite nervous.

His heart beat fast,

He faced her ass

And  started to proceed.

He pumped 5 times

And then backed off,

While Jill was still asleep

He entered again,fear mixed with sin.

And this time he went faster

He came real hard, he felt insane

And left the tent quite not the same.

Then Jill woke, and took a pill

She puked and spilled right on that hill.

Then she split too,


Not knowing where or what to do.

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Jack Raped Jill

wicked. Hope she was on the pill on that hill.