I see the world differently, I find things beautiful that most find disturbing. I find things interesting that others would find as a waste. My brain is wired to believe in what I believe just like everyone else's only what I precieve is far different than any could possibly imagin, wait no I take that back. With the unlimited capascity our minds possess, maybe someday, someone will understand and see the world as I do. A stain of chaotic ignorant bliss, where everyone lives within their own little world only to be influenced by another equally conflicted force. Born to observe, instictivly compusled to interact.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was pretty much just created on the spot, so its very rough as I'm sure there are spell mistakes. However since its just a little quote I wrote I'm not to worried about it looking perfect.

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i think a lot of writers see

i think a lot of writers see the world like this love
thanks for the share

Much Love


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I feel the same way

It was wonderful to read this because i could relate to it. I feel the same way. I always want for someone to see the world the way i do but i know that unfortunately, no one will see eye to eye with me. But i keep on hoping anyway. I see where you're coming from and i relate to many of your posts. Oh, and magnificently done! (as usual. your poetry is marvelous!)

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Beautifull and i love it.

Beautifull and i love it. Short and not written in your usal format but its perfect. Its very true, nobody will completly see your way about things, but i think some share alot of views. :D i know i believe alot of things that you do, and some things that i didnt, im starting to see where your coming from. lol Very good poem though as always!