Dream, Dream


Dream, Dream.......


"Dream, Dream little boy as you sleep with your head in the clouds. Visions of death wrapped in your ceremonial shrouds. This is the future, that blissful ignorance that has become your drug your cure. That bleek reality, those demented thoughts you must see. Welcome to the circus, the mad house wasteland that is us.

 Our souls blacker than the night, our hearts cold to what is decent, what is right.

Let me collapse into this coma, replase to be that low man.

Sleep, Sleep, as your nightmare takes it's shapes.

The beauty of those eyes only devours and only takes."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pretty much just wrote this on the fly.

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This Is A Gem

A sparkling piece of literaure inset in the reality of your heart, presented like a ring to those who appreciate fine cut jewels ~~A~~