Within This Ocean

Lost Treasures

Within This Ocean (Lost Treasures Redux; 'Damien's Lost Scripts')
By: Matthew Wayne

In my mind, these thoughts not my own,
There is a lifetime of pain, it's all we have ever known
War after War, and now I dream of peace.
I watch as my thoughts become a curse
Amnesia becomes tangible within the ocean of the insane
and I continue to traverse this wasteland,
where one conscious thought sparks the birth of another promised land.

Death and suffering trail in the wake of this age,
an aftermath to be chained to ignorance, and left in your cage.
I have allowed the negativity to shadow over my doubt,
polluting my interpretation of my perception, to what this is all about.
I find myself lost and without a trace,
as my soul no longer walks in grace
but rather found going in circles and always in chase.
Driving myself into madness,
running in circles going nowhere fast.
Where have I gone? What have I done?
Yet still feel that I had tripped and fell in last.
Why must I continue on, pretending as if nothing is wrong
that within this ocean of lies, that somehow I must remain strong.

“People suffering everyday, and all you can think is to bow and pray.
To all of your unanswered cries, another soul dies.
Where are your gods when we need them the most?
In this life we are the host, the caretaker to every coast.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This piece is a little sneak peek at one of my last projects on the list, From my up coming book "Lost Treasures Redux; 'Damien's Lost Scripts'" As the name does sugest I am revamping my first book "Lost Treasure's Collection". Expanding on the old one as well as adding in content which I had left out in the last book. The Poetry that will be found in this new book will be the rawest it has ever been, Damien's Lost Scripts will be the medium for my thoughts to the world. I will not be surprised if nobody can understand them. I will most likely be posting a few more exerpts from this book, So as always love the feedback.

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Elfy's picture

As always im stunned at how

As always im stunned at how detailed and full of emotions it is. Very good, i love your work.
Little tricky to understand, and some parts im sure i dont understand to the fulliest.
but then again, no mind thinks alike lol. The last paragraph got to me esspically.
Its very true. Cant wait to read more from this next book. Again, dont stop writing. :)