When the Lights Go Out *'Revised Edition'*

Lost Treasures

When The Lights Go Out

When the lights go out, and this ride is over
Life is a paradox but it is the game of survival
When I collapse, and my last breath escapes
a spark of brilliance, as the thought breaks

To the horizon the sun sets,
There is a man bound by a lifetime of regrets
Not enough time, not enough money,
through jaded eyes, too blind to see
through greed, there is a materialistic need

~ Addendum ~

This is a dream, in the white world.
To the masses with five star eyes
fine dining on your silver plate of golden lies
Shadows dance in the back of their minds
where the devil within plays to win
your soul is the wager
as the line between sanity becomes unclear.

“So much pain, so much confusion
it suffocates my mind, flanking any
positive intentions. When there is
nowhere left to run, to escape, no safe quarter to disappear
I dance with my demons, gambling away every fear.”

Lie, cheat, and steal, to get what they want some would even kill
drama publicly broadcast for the entire world to witness.
Zombies brainwashed, an entire generation can proclaim innocents.
Blood stained on their treacherous hands, committing wars by simple command.
When that toy soldier dies, there will be a family who cries
weeping over their loss, they are the ones who pay the ultimate cost.
Poisoning your minds while you sleep in a bed of ignorance,
yet even awake to the corruption you are oblivious.


When the lights go out, and death creeps near
I will go with a smile for I conquered my fear
A legacy was born, and a legacy will die
how I lived will be my testimony to my life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a redraft of a very very old poem I wrote, as I obviously never posted it at the time I felt it was worthy to be published. Hope you enjoy this Lost Treasure.

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First of all, I think all

First of all, I think all your poems are worth being posted. And I loved this because it shows how you feel about how life goes, and what happens in it day by day, all these things happen, and nobody can see throug them to the truth. And it's sad.and it seems like day by day, our world is getting so much worse, and one day, I wonder will it still be here, a world for us, or a tragic destruction of pure coas. It's terrible to think, but if you look around, and see all the bad things, getting worse, cAn you not help but wonder?? Scary. But anyway very eye opening, full of emotions, expression, and mind boggling truth. Very good. Can't wait for more posts. :)