America: The True Terrorist

A Scar is Born

We are being lied you understand this now?

We are being spied you understand that now???

Our soil is polluted, our elections are fixed,

Our tragedies have already been plotted and planned out; our mannequin minds have already been brainwashed and transfixed.

The president knows when you are sleeping; he knows when you're awake,

The satanic Santa Claus has annihilated our only allies and exterminated his enemies, falsely labeling himself the "courageous king snake".

Our leader knows when you're cheating on your husband or wife; he knows when you're masturbating alone,

He has his wicked ways of finding out who you're calling and what you're secretly saying every time you pick up your tainted telephone.

He caught us attempting to contact our doctors and drug dealers; he caught us dialing the diabolical digits for our shrink,

He managed to locate our credit card statements and our deepest secrets; he even has spies out there to observe each and every time our arid eyes shed a tear or painfully blink.

...Sedating with a smile as the hawks hammer a stick of lit dynamite into our wounded wrists,

Searching the world for scapegoats, but the blind fail to realize that we don't need to leave our own country to locate the real terrorists...

They aren't telling us everything they you understand this now?

They aren't admitting to their own you understand that now???

Your trust has been toyed with and your freedom has been forfeited once again by the poisonous Prince of Greed and Lies,

Forced to believe the blasphemy that these criminals claim as the truth while they wretchedly take over the world and ignore the doves' delicate cries.

Our wallets have been raped at our grotesque gas tanks, handing over our life savings and selling our souls merely for one more sip of that ludicrous liquid gold,

The president's personal prognosis and predicaments are preposterous, yet we still all patiently wait in line and listen to what we're told while forcing ourselves to fit into the rapacious republican mold.

You call yourself patriotic, proudly wrapping your feeble future up in a frayed red, white, and blue disposable rag,

I'll let you in on a little secret I've been keeping inside for so long...protest is patriotism my friend, so the only kite that should be flying high in our shimmering skies is that white freedom flag.

...Hmm, who to bomb and blame next; how about Uzbekistan, Argentina, or North Korea? Let's just randomly select our next guiltless victim from a biased list,

Desperately exploring each cave and crevice and every nook and cranny in the universe for the innocent assassins; never considering that the White House is the home of the most powerful and feared terrorist...

A scar is born on the hollow heart of America as the world police gamble away our liberty and shuffle our country's corrupted cards,

Hypnotized into believing that the weapons of mass destruction are oceans away when the government is playing with their toxic toys of tragedy in our very own bloodstained boulevards and backyards.

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Alyssa Mosher's picture

nothing short of amazing. This is truely inspiring

Donnie Darkhorse's picture

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!! I GOT CHILLS AS I READ IT!!!! I HOPE you know how talented you are!!! I want to see this splattered on every front page of every newspaper here in our hijacked country! Have you considered sending it in to any media sources because this DESERVES a great audience. Whenever you feel you can release it (because I'm going to ASSUME you are planning to publish in your book and must guard it till then), I would LOVE to post it on my blog!!! And/or anything ELSE you might wish to share...I am so incredibly moved with this one...what a brilliantly, artful way to speak the truth. What a gift you give to me and ALL those you share with. This is absolutely beautiful in every aesthetic sense of the word. I am truly honored that you shared it with me. You absolutely made my day!

-Mary Fernandez