What names
shall we give
our children
when we get older?


Judy asked
as we walked
through the woods
behind the house


towards the lake
(as she called
the pond
in the woods)


I’m no good
with names
I said
you must


have some idea
what names to call
your children
I haven't got children


not yet but when
we're older you will
she said
the trees were


coming into leaf
the sun was straight overhead
birds were flying
from branch to branch


what if it's a girl?
she asked
I thought about
the middle spread picture


of the sports car
in the Eagle comic
I’d just pinned
to my bedroom wall


the parts number
and labelled


you must have
a girl's name?
she asked


I said
what kind of name
is that?
she said


I think it's in
that Beethoven opera
Miss Graham
made us listen to


during lessons
I said
I don't like it
Judy said


the car picture
was just one
of many I had
on my bedroom walls


I had one photograph
of Hayley Mills
in a frame
by my bed


I got it
from a magazine
on move-stars
what about Ruth?


she said
or Rebecca?
the path through the woods
was windy


there were bramble
on each side
how about Jezebel
I said


it has a certain
ring to it
don't like it
she said


gives off
a bad scene
we reached the fence
around the lake


and climbed over
she had on
that peasant
looking dress


flowered red and yellow
I caught a glimpse
of thigh
as she went over


you're not
taking it
she said


as we walked down
the grass towards
the water
sure I am


I said
I think Judy’s
a fine name
for a daughter.


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