That is it
all over
Elaine thinks


on the bus
after school
she and John


and the kiss
all done with


on the edge
her nerves wrought
as if each


hidden thought
was exposed
to everyone


she sits near
the window


looking out
tears sitting
on the rims


of her eyes
like actors


to get on
to the stage
and perform


she’d seen John
walk on by
to get on


the school bus
he is there
across the


aisle sitting
looking out
as she is


what went wrong
what he’d said


or done wrong
at lunch time
on the field


at recess
he saw her
on the bus


sitting there
looking out
not at him


not to know
he is there


Goldfinch talks
beside him
some such stuff


 in his ears
empty words
soft laughter


all John wants
is Elaine
to have her


near to him
her body
close and warm


not this cold
far distance
between them


Elaine feels
all undone
all exposed


each nerve taut
thought of John


being near
but not near
wanting him


next to her
as it was
before lunch


the bus moves
to go home
she watches


scene changes
moving tears


to the edge
like fragile


thinking on
the long fall
but her love


bites deeply
all undone
can’t recall.

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