Sonya in the moments free
of serving the customers
leaning on the serving bench
dark brown eyes


on you
her dark hair
pinned back
said she liked


Mahler’s 4th best
O so exciting
so full of the life
you preferred


the 5th or 2nd
but she said
no no too deep
too long


life is for living
not dozing
to long symphonies
she preferred Kierkegaard


to your Nietzsche
liked his leap of faith
his books on God
and such


you liked her mouth
like rose petals
stuck together


her ears visible
and so lickable
(if ever permitted
to do so)


that Nietzsche
she said
went mad
think it


was the pox
stuck his penis
in some whore's hole
she stopped to serve


a customer
all smiles
and politeness
that butter


wouldn't melt
in her mouth
kind of thing
you carried paint


up from the basement
and shelved it
in colour order
thinking of her


laying in some bed
Mahler's 4th
blaring out
she putting chocolates


one by one
into her small mouth
and licking
her fingers


so sexily
one leg
slightly lifted


the other flat
and you imagined her
yakking off
about the Kiergegaard guy


her other hand
not stuffing chocolates
in her mouth
resting over


her pubic hairs
you read Dante?
she asked
having served


the customer
with a smile
and politeness
yes the Purgatory


you said
that is where men belong
she said
unless they take


the leap of faith
she leaned
on the serving bench
eyeing you deeply


what you thinking about?
she asked 
how well you serve
the customers


you lied
thinking of her lips
pressing against yours
her tongue meeting yours


in her mouth
of her body
her hair
her eyes


that is why
I am here
to serve
she said


but she was serving you
your young man's head.

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