Your Cause Is Not My Cause

Championing ending police brutality in general more vocally than ending racism doesn't make someone racist.


Championing the cause of preventing false accusations and misrepresentation of a person's character more vocally than the cause of preventing rape does not make one a rapist.


Championing testicular cancer awareness more vocally than breast cancer awareness does not make someone a misogynist.


It just makes it seem that person is less sympathetic to your cause. Deal with it. They may be, they may not be. Don't fight them. Simply acknowledge their concerns as valid too. No need to force another to prioritize your cause to the same degree you do.


You'll find there are more similarities in righteous causes than there are differences. But please give the same respect to other people's passions as you want them to give to yours.

In the world of BDSM we have a saying: "Your Kink Is Not My Kink". Well this mantra should also apply to "Your Cause Is Not My Cause."


Humans tend to be empathetic towards causes that effect them and show sympathy to causes that effect others. Empathy trumps sympathy every time.


It could easily be argued that it is a cis/het/white/male privilege to have the option to focus our anger and energy on issues of less global importance, but cis/het/white/men doing so does not mean we don't care for the other atrocities and injustices that many hardline Progressives (often referred to as SJWs) try to push as greater or more important. They arguably are greater and more important but that doesn't mean everyone has to prioritize it that way in order to be your ally.


Bottom line, don't label someone "against you" when they are not! It only makes them more blinded to your cause.


I have more in common politically with the people who attack me for these misconceptions than I do with people who are centrists and even right-leaning. But ya know what, very few of these centrist and right leaning people talk behind my back or misrepresent me like the SJW crowd has and is still doing.


This attitude and practice is exactly why the Progressive majority is divided and the oppressive Conservative minority is united.


When someone acknowledges that the abuse of power involved with police brutality is a problem, that helps the cause of understanding racism better (which is also an abuse of power).


When someone acknowledges that making accurate rape allegations and differentiating them from misrepresenting unintentional miscommunication and people communicating poorly, that encourages people to communicate better and in turn stenghthens the cause of preventing rape.


Acknowledging that cancer can strike anyone regardless of gender or the region in their body helps us unite in fighting cancer.


Also acknowledging everything I just wrote in my blog does not mean the stuff you wrote in your blog is less important.


My critique of the methods and zealotry of militant hard line Social Justice Warriors does not mean I support militant hard line alt-right idiots.


YKINMK (Your Kink Is Not My Kink) but I acknowledge it and (unless it's immoral) support your right to practice it...
-I would hope would extend to-

Your Cause Is Not My Cause but I acknowledge it and (unless it's immoral) support your right to have it.

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