by Jeph Johnson


They tell you to get out there and meet people. Socialize. Touch. Hug. Be an integral part of humanity. Don't just sit behind your keyboard and type. But ya know what? When I go out there, if they're willing to meet at all, people are not genuinely as friendly as they appear online. When we hurt there is no shortage of virtual hugs. But physical intimacy is scarce. I used to be an outgoing extrovert but acceptance from others has somehow become a lost concept and converted me against my will into an introvert. The only positive to this is the world gets more poetry. I write frequently and with more urgency. But I also tend to fall asleep and get unmotivated. When everything is at best a "maybe" and wasted energy usually the result, life feels incomplete. Still a spark could be lit and I'd jump out of bed like my sheets were on fire if she would simply suggest listening to me speak while she smiles. We'd still not be touching physically but I'd just call it foreplay.


P.S. I would in return listen to her speak and smile too.

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Great poem

very Meaningful and beautifully written