"My Depraved Ascent to Clarity"

by Jeph Johnson


Others have concluded 

It a selfish endeavor;

My reason for living:

Gifting others with pleasure


Life I felt precious;

A gift unto itself

Out of reach my reason 

Festered too high on the shelf


So I slept all day and throughout the night

Deducing my daydreams:

"Irrational ain't natural"

Thus chaos reigned supreme 


I wonder what it's like 

When others go mad?

When it seems like all around me

That's all that they've had


Most just call it "smiling"

When rationalization begins

But the fresh clean air of sanity

Flexes my face when I breathe it in


Or is it the error of sanity?

Should I not have embraced the profane?

The allure of sanctimonious vanity

Makes most better off insane

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That is a very interesting

That is a very interesting perspective.


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