by DaddyO


This merciless maiden gives ample affection

And mercifully aims it his general direction

She's puckish and playful with kittenish ease

Feline and frisky when down on her knees

Making some, faking some, careful connections

Dividing the club into hot and cold sections

Pleasing each eye by teasing in the mirror

She falls to the floor with bills in her brassiere

Her clothes fall off while he is turned on

He quizzically wonders where his money's gone

Seductively sexy, she's straight up sincere

In his ear whispering she wants him near

Providing the faithful with controlled compassion 

Complete and discreetly in a finite fashion

Cash is exchanged so he now may pretend

She can be a lover who's more than a friend

Her chiseled body manifests the divine

Sculpted specifically to be enshrined

But for those mythic moments her veil is removed

And his fingers caress so certain his muse

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2020 for Christine

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Without intending to pry or

Without intending to pry or to trespass, may I just ask who Christine is?


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Was I not descriptive enough in my poem?  

To reveal more would involve me trespassing or prying!  ;-) 

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Thank you for the reply.

Thank you for the reply.


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