"Two Tongues Entwined"

by Jeph Johnson


The most remarkable

Rewarding satisfaction

Is interaction between 

Two tongues entwined


Reciting and reading 

Poetic pleadings

Igniting excitement 

Desires defined


Tempting and daring 

Nuanced not glaring

Sharing their stares

With watery eyes


Their best expressions

Have bold intentions

Held close to my chest

In enchanted contentment


Our yearnings have turned

Each tryst into blissful

Journeys justifying

Each enthusiastic kiss


When our tongues entwine

My thoughts are fused

With feelings for them

That cherish their truth


Lips full and forgiving

Heart caring yet bruised

They're my most remarkable

Lover and muse


Author's Notes/Comments: 

2019 for Bec

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I confess I like this poem

I confess I like this poem very much.


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