"I Was Doing This for You Too"

by Jeph Johnson

I'm happy she is doing it for her but damn I miss helping her out. 


Vacuuming up around the litter box while she did homework. When dishes stacked up too high, washing them.  

I wish the art I meticulously mounted on her wall had remained more than a month.

I miss massaging her feet and calves when they ached from too much running around.  

To again treat her tummy to a new pizzzah or her eyes to an indie film we could cry to together would prove everything happens for a reason. 

Now when I see hydrangeas blossom I want to inhale their aroma as well as water them because she's too busy to notice.  

When her kitties need attention I want to bring out the toys and play with them.  Yes, all three of them. 

You'd think I'd blush because she only has two cats, but I don't.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2019, for Dolly

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An admirable ending with a

An admirable ending with a twist in its detail worthy of the Twilight Zone, and yet preserving the lady's inherent modesty.


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