"Why Would a Woman This Beautiful Submit to a Man Like Me?"

by DaddyO


Admitting confusion, I undressed, searched you
and found friction to fuse with and sully my virtue
but a consequence this beautiful made that method obsolete
why fall to my knees when I could have you at my feet?
hedonism may seem selfish but it's really not at all
there's joy in teaching someone who's learning to crawl
but there's no joy in disorder, deception or dismay
so every action you performed was in vain put on display
appreciation others valued more than I
my assertive aspirations became agressive cries
for help that I never could adequately receive
without faith in myself who I couldn't believe
the tide submerged submission 'neath the nexus of our bond
while the failure of my dominance fell from the great beyond
in waterfalls of frailty that rendered me inept
I saw stars in your eyes through every tear I wept
they sparkled in your little kiddie pool without
glistening with pity I'm just a fool in doubt,
but still listening to life's rhythmic refrain
and hoping I'll someday not feel the pain
of coping with this, for the end seems so near
with the realization you're no longer here

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This phrase, "why fall to my

This phrase, "why fall to my knees / when I could have / you at my feet?" is one of the most brilliant I have ever heard, in almost forty five years of reading poetry.  I do not care at all for the implied context, but these words, as words, are beautiful.