"There's No Song to Help Me Forget You"

by Jeph Johnson


There's no song to help me forget you
Because no writer understands
I've got to go on living without you
Like I am now in a different band
Singing songs I had written for us
Knowing now they're sung to someone else
Like a tree toppling down in the forest
They're heard as only a part of one's self
This new singer sounds so disappointing
Even when my same lyrics are sung
Does he mimic without finger pointing
And do overdubs until it's done?
Unbeknownst to this clueless new singer,
Piano, bass, guitar and drums
Have declared his new tune a dead ringer
For our romance that's reduced to crumbs
Still I go on remembering the rhythm
Of nostalgia I'd loved from that time
A neglected and left behind victim
Sane peering out of my mind
Stuff lingers that no longer matters
And what matters is so far away
Relations torn, tarnished and tattered
Not at all how I hoped we'd relate
There's no song to help me forget you
Instrumentals fall flat in defeat
Lyrics may no longer let you
Destroy what was once so complete
Each time I allow them inside me
Hurt hangs on unlike ever before
To my arm like when you were beside me
Stealing your place so I cannot ignore
Memories won't help me remember
Songs crooned without knowing the chorus
Duets lacking a feminine gender
Are the only songs written for us

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A STRONG profound beginning,

A STRONG profound beginning, you can't write a bad one! Have a great night. 

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