"Dark Side of the Loon"

by DaddyO





the confidence 

of a good person 

with the right motives. 

No barrage 

of rumors and lies 

can change that; 

all it does 

is rally the choir 

you're preaching to 

and divides, 

liar by liar, 

the community.  

It has no effect 

on your 

blameless mark 

who's now



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This reminds me of my first

This reminds me of my first wife and her parents---always preaching to the choir and causing division (and ultimately the collapse of the marriage).    I like your use of the very short lines that accurately reflect the way they (and, I suppose, many others like them) spoke.  Bravo!


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Thank you

This poem was difficult to write but afterwards I felt very empowered.  Check out the lyrics to a song by Thin Lizzy (written by their amazing lyricist/singer/bass player Phil Lynott) on YouTube called "Do Anything You Want to Do" (listen to the song to if you're inclined to powerful hard rock), as the same sentiment is expressed in that song too.  Lynott was a poet/lyricist who sometimes used what I describe as a frantic rhyme style, and it is surely prevalent in this song.