"When You Reach a Certain Age"

by Jeph Johnson

Masturbation used to be exciting

Because it was anticipating

All the fun sex that

Awaited you.  

Now it's depressing

Because it reminds you of

All the fun sex that

You're no longer going to have. 


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And yet (as Stevens would

And yet (as Stevens would have said), and yet . . . sex is only an elementary part of the adoration of the feminine.  Even when the sexual part does not work, one's Beloved can be adored, worshipped, celebrated, and experienced in ways that enter into metaphysics almost.  Perhaps you should consider Dante's expression of his feelings for Beatrice; or, Eliot's emotions toward the unnamed woman in his poem, Ash Wednesday.  Or, perhaps the extreme expression of it, Wallace Stevens greatest love poem, "Final Soliloquy of the Interior Paramour." 


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