It is what it is

As my eyes open wide

                                     my senses shut completely

                                                                                    I can not see



As my eyes shut tight                                                     

                                     my senses begin to perceive  

                                                                                    still I can not see 



Clarity ever elusive secret

           lurking between the shadowed...  and the soul 



Darkness veils over me 

                reins over me



Hungered breaths steamy chill scrawling across my neck



        forged through fire and blood

        always clawing at my back

        ebbing me home

                                    to kill me  

                                                    if I would only turn around



                             Death is not serene 

                             Death is not serene

                             Death's solace is not serene





                             I am in pain.

                                                 aren't we all...

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Bad as fuck dude "aren't we

Bad as fuck dude "aren't we all" beautiful summed it up, that in the use of the word clarity my favored of words, there's a song called Come Clarity that just made me love the word.

"Some people die at 25 but buried at 75" Benjamin Franklin 

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re youy talking about In

re youy talking about In Flames Come Clarity? If so that is a good song dude.