Reflections of her

It is what it is

Her tears fell like the rain
      cleansing her soul 
      washing away sundered ashed pieces 
Her mourned sobs fill the air
      leaking the toxins that have filled 
      cracking dam unable to bear their weight
Her emptied consuming loneliness
      devouring all that was
                        all that might 
Dawn's warming light creeping through
            reaching touching caressing
            a gentle radiant hand 
Rainbows shimmer carrying memories past
                lifting encumbered burdens
                placating tortured Dreams 
Petaling vibrant bloom
              color shining in her eyes
              glowing growing from within 
Loves grace on the wind
          felt in her gaze 
          seen on her smile
                              Heard in her touch 

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That was nice. So many on this website seem to just play around and write like they're writing in a diary. This was different and refreshing. Truly creative with beautiful expression.

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Thank you for the kind words

Thank you for the kind words I am glad you enjoyed it