Winter has Grown Cold

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winter has once whispered passionate fire
stoked my souls very desire

                                                              winter's whispers now cut through my skin
                                                                sharpened as razored talon

winter once gazed on me with a grin
saw me from deep within 

                                                              now all i feel winter's bold 
                                                              unyielding stare so cold

winter once could make me laugh
even at my own gaffe

                                                              all winter's comments unflattery 
                                                              remarks tear at the core of me

                                    i Hear winter.....cold

                                is this to be my only season

                          will i not go to spring i have the reason

                                there is no need for debate

                        the cold consumes i have sealed my fate

                              contemplating the future bleak

                              streak running down my cheek

                                I have grown cold....

                              streak running up my cheek

                                contemplated future bleak

                              future sealed the cold consumed

                                broken debate no hope imbued

                                      wouldn't run my icy prison

                                            no such treason

                                        i Hear winter....    cold

                                                                  winter's soft words why won't they come

                                                                  a token a feather lift my hearts drum

winter's once warm house full of sounds

lays quiet as toothless hounds

                                                                  winter how your empty glare

                                                                  frigid with chill shuddering me bare

winter's gaze once lifted my soul

now has imprisoned it surrounded by cold

                                                                    my wounds left open and bleeding

                                                                    longing for winter's words fleeting

can't recall

                  loves lost fire

                                                  I am too. . . .


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well it's something  I have edited this three times since I have posted it I think maybe I'm done. Until next time atleast

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Dont_punch_grandpa's picture

love this

I've yet to see a beeter use of winter in a poem, using it to describe ones self is genius 

"Some people die at 25 but buried at 75" Benjamin Franklin 

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Thanks man

Thanks man