Time is not on my side

poems 1



Walked this earth doing it my way

Even at an early age could't make me sway




Head strong

                  Didn't know

                                    How to be wrong

Got knocked down

                           To the ground

                                                Couldn't stay down

Quick to fight

                    Show my might

                                            Slow to Right

Angry at the world

                            me myself I

                                              My only World

No lessons learned

                            Just desires yearned

                                                           Scorched earth burned

In all of this time

                          Empty table to dine

                                                        Accepted no fault of mine

Grizzled and Calloused

                                  Devoid of malice

                                                           Thirst... an Empty Chalice


Feel cold boney hand on my shoulder

                                                        Now his grip much bolder

                                                                                              Craving one last war    soldier

On my FEET

                   Challenge to meet

                                               Feel my heart BEAT

No they said

                   Lay my head

                                       In this bed

No blaze of Glory

                         To end my story

                                                  Death won't come bloody and gory

Outlook is bleak

                        Must suffer  end of the weak

                                                                        Never learned to turn the other Cheek 



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Dont_punch_grandpa's picture

You're poem structure really

You're poem structure really makes your poems come alive, its much better then a coma or a paragraph form down space. Props on finding away to make reading your stuff unique.

"Some people die at 25 but buried at 75" Benjamin Franklin 

czjustanemptyhead's picture

Thanks man it's just how I

Thanks man it's just how I see it when I write it