Don't forget to grin [Not for Kids]

poems 1

Three in One Year

One at A Time

Gave in to the Fear


Darkness   Despair

Consumed Them

Lost to all that Care


A fourth Tried

Will and Heart Broken

Still Alive?


Tasked to lead

Supposed to protect

Didn't meet their need


How could you not SEE

All the signs--Clear as MUD

Why isn't my Child my Husband my Father HOME with me


How did I fail

Heart full of Regret

Now how can I prevail


Waiting for dawn

As I lay in the dark

My demons they spawn


Thoughts in my mind

Feel the pieces falling away

Some reason I must find


Dawn finally does Break

My alarm sounding todays reprieve

My life I did not forsake


As I put away my Sin

I get ready for the Day

I must remember to put on my Grin.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This isn't for kids. Comments are welcome.

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