poems 1



             Wasn't the man You needed

               Didn't hear the words You heeded


              Came home not the man You saw leave

            Took away any reason You had to believe




                                   Before You even knew


                   Closed the door-

                                            Nothing You could do



                  Even as i watched You try

                Felt You fight

               Heard You cry

                             i watched our love die




                           Gave You no cause to stay

                         Blamed You for my pain

                        As i watched You walk away



                          i still sit here this very day

                           without You by my side

                             hiding my pain with my pride

                        and yet not a single word to say.....




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Dont_punch_grandpa's picture

love it

I like the structure it really plays a huge part in how its read very nicely done sir

"Some people die at 25 but buried at 75" Benjamin Franklin 

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Thanks alot man I'm glad you

Thanks alot man I'm glad you like it

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Nice to read .Straight from heart.Waiting for 2nd one Welcome

Welcome to PP Dear



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Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot