Love Poetry

Walking down the beach

hand in hand

with the love of my life,

we watch the children

write their names

in the sand with sticks.

We stop along

the water's edge

to cool our feet,

we gaze out

over the ocean

and watch the water

shimmer like diamonds.

So many footprints

we have left behind,

the children pick up

periwinkle shells

left behind by the waves.

The cool breeze

blows through our hair,

the mist from

the waves powders our faces.

Time to go,

we have to leave

this serenity behind,

for tomorrow is another day.

We'll be back to walk

down the beach

hand in hand,

once again.

Copyright Cynthia Jones


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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Love the tranquility of scene and the romance all in one in this piece

Kyle Conboy's picture

Wow, what a great poem. The imagry is awesome, I really imagined walking down a beach. Nice job, and it was nice hering from you again too.