Roses At Her Feet


She stood there in the middle

of the forest,

the sun's rays

glistened through the trees.

She was waiting for her knight

in shining armour,

to come along and

sweep her off her feet.

She and her knight

have been in love,

as long as she could remember.

Their love for eachother

was as pure as the raindrops,

that fall from the sky.

Whenever she saw her knight,

he would have always have

a dozen, long stem

rich red roses.

He would get down

off his black stallion and

lay them at her feet.

She would look into his eyes

and smile at him,

he would gaze into hers

and smile back,

they would then begin to kiss.

They knew deep down inside

how true their love was,

he would then get back

up onto his stallion and

ride off into the sunset.

Her heart longed for him

to come riding up on

his black stallion and

kiss her once more,

he came galloping across the forest,

he looked troubled.

He got down off the stallion

and lay the dozen, long stem

rich red roses at her feet.

He collapsed once the roses were placed,

he had a sword

sticking out of his back.

She knelt down by his side,

as his life slowly drained

away from him.


fair maiden,

I shall love thee forever."

"I shall never forget thee,

my knight in shining armour

I shall love thee always."

She stood up and

cried tears of sadness

for her knight,

while the roses,

lay at her feet.

Copyright Cynthia Jones


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Thankyou very much for the gracious complements in your last critique and allow me to extend some of my own. I liked this poem very much. Also I have come to greatly enjoy your poetry as a whole, you have an amazing way with words that allows me to easily imagine exactly what you are writing about, especialy in this one. Good hereing from you and I look forward to writing you again soon.

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