A Year Today (remembering 9/11/2001)

9/11 Poems

A year today

since you left,

my heart still feels

the loneliness.

The families are still

overcome with sadness,

in their hearts and minds,

you still live on.

A year today

who can forget

their last good-byes?

The tears that fell

on that fateful day,

who could have known,

you wouldn't be coming back?

A year today

I still remember

watching the towers fall,

how could someone

do such a thing?

So many innocent lives,

no time to prepare

themselves for anything.

A year today

all the memories

will go on.

To all the families

that have lost loved ones,

my heart still goes out,

to all of you.

Copyright Cynthia Jones


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Seeing the pictures and hearing the names being called out, still made me cry.

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