My Heritage


I would love to go

where my ancestors once roamed,

in my heart and soul

I know this is my home.

Along the green hills

of Ireland,

and hearing the bagpipes

of Scotland,

I know this is

where I belong.

My heart aches

and my soul cries out

everytime I hear

the bagpipes

soothing sound.

In my heart,

my soul and

in my mind too,

I know this is

where I belong.

I hope and I pray,

before I shall

never wake again,

to visit

Scotland and Ireland.

This is my heritage.

Copyright Cynthia Jones


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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

For you it's Ireland for me Germany -lands of our ancestors

Kyle Conboy's picture

This is a cool poem. Being half irish myself I went there on vacasion last summer and its a beutiful country, I highly recomend you go. I had a blast there it is so rich in culture and the many sights to see are spectacular.